The Yellow Wallpaper


The Yellow Wallpaper
World Premiere Production
Fall 2017
Written and Directed by Jeff Davis
Inspired by the Short Story by Charlotte Perkins GilmanTHE YELLOW WALLPAPER tells the story of a young woman, Jane, as she grapples with a severe depression which John, her physician/husband, laughs off as a “slight hysterical tendency.”  Secluded in a small room and under her John’s domineering care, Jane slowly loses grip on her sanity, especially as she becomes increasingly obsessed with the room’s yellow wallpaper.  This Gothic-era psychological thriller is not to be missed.

“As Agape’s Artistic Director and as the playwright behind this work, THE YELLOW WALLPAPER is incredibly special to me,” says Davis.  “For our company, this production will mark the first time we’ve produced a completely new play that has never been seen anywhere else, and as this is the first play I’ve ever written, it’s a huge milestone for me personally to see it produced.”

​Though the play recently received a successful one-night-only Workshop Production at the Georgetown Public Library, the 2017 production will be very different.  “The Workshop Production of THE YELLOW WALLPAPER allowed us to test out the script in front of an audience and allowed our patrons to get a glimpse at a work in progress,” says Davis.  “While that production was a success and the show was embraced by our audience, the version we’ll produce in 2017 will be a bit different.  We plan on taking the feedback we’ve received and we’ll continue to edit and refine the play.  What we’ll produce in 2017 will be shorter, more suspenseful, and in some ways even closer to the themes and motifs found in the beloved short story.  The show will also feature sets, costumes, and special effects that were not seen in the Workshop Production.”