Suffer the Long Night

Join Us As We Ask, “Must the Show Go On?”

The Texas Premiere of

by Greg Glienna and Mary Ruth Clarke
Co-Creators of “Meet the Parents”


Directed by Jeff Davis

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The show must go on. That’s certainly the mantra of The Merrillville Merry Art Players, who are launching their 22nd season with a classic Christmas play, SUFFER THE LONG NIGHT, a 1950s melodrama that finds the suburban Burling family held hostage by two escaped criminals.

But it’s not the Burling family who suffers a long night. It’s the actors playing them. 19 of the 23 cast and crew members are out due to flu, but the remaining cast members are determined to persevere, along with the help of several last minute replacements. What could go wrong? Everything! What follows is a hilarious farce filled with out-of-sync sound cues, missing props, and plenty of mishaps. Think NOISES OFF! with a Christmas tree.

With a script by the co-creators of the hit film Meet the Parents, SUFFER THE LONG NIGHT is a hysterical Holiday comedy that will have audiences roaring with laughter. The comedy had its World Premiere in Los Angeles in 2008. Agape Theatre’s production of it will be the show’s Texas Premiere.

SUFFER THE LONG NIGHT will be directed by Jeff Davis, Agape Theatre’s Associate Artistic Director and the Director of Agape’s recent production of SIX DANCE LESSONS IN SIX WEEKS. “I was fortunate enough to catch the World Premiere production of SUFFER THE LONG NIGHT in Los Angeles back in 2008,” says Davis, “and I distinctly remember laughing so hard I cried. The only thing better than good theater is making fun of bad theater. SUFFER THE LONG NIGHT does just that for two hours. There’s no big, profound statement on life or the human condition. It’s just pure entertainment, and I think during the stressful time of the Holiday season, that’s what audiences want to see. I can’t wait to share this extraordinarily funny show with Central Texas audiences, and I think people are going to love it just as much as I do.”



(in order of appearance)

GEORGIA MEDLER++ as Meredith Lipschitz-Sinclair as Vera Burling

DAVE LOVELACE++ as Thom Elam as Bob Burling and others

MINDY RAST-KEENAN++ as Joanne Brody as Rosie Burling

ANTONIO HORNSBY, JR*+ as Matt Hosier as Dirk Sorrel and others

KESHAAN CASTLE*+ as Glen DeRozier as Detective Beck

THOMAS AINSWORTH* as Randall Jeffers as Detective Carson

KRISTI TREITLER* as Loretta Mizer as The Stage Manager and others

TIFFANY SCHULZE* as Megan Moorhead as Mary Burling

LAWRENCE MADDOX* as Roger Remnik as Chops Carmichael

REESE SHALD+ as Jimmy Vincent as Louie DeFazio

JEFF DAVIS* as Understudy Detective Beck

BRIANNA HARNER*+ as Understudy Dirk

GINA OSMAR*+ as The Snowman


Crew & Creative Team:

Jeff Davis – Director/Sound Designer

Amanda Jones+ – Stage Manager

Sarah Carlile+ – Assistant Stage Manager/Makeup Designer

Ashley Sandel* – Lighting Designer

Brianna Harner+ – Costume Designer

Evelyn Charland+ – Light Board Operator

Gina Osmar+ – Prop Master

Claudia Mendoza+ – Stage Crew

Hannah Pogue+ – Stage Crew


*Agape Theatre Debut

+ Member of the Agape Theatre Professional Apprentice Program housed at Eastview High School

++ Member of the Agape Theatre Acting Company