Play Submissions

Agape Theatre is always looking for new works, World Premieres, and Texas Premieres to produce as part of our regular season.
If you would like to submit a play for our consideration, please e-mail your play to our Artistic Director, Jeff Davis, at

Please note that due to the large number of submissions we receive, we can not commit to responding to every play submission.


  • We are interested in full-length works.  One acts may be considered if they can be combined with other works into a full evening of theatre.
  • We have a reputation for producing quality, intimate plays, and we operate on a very small budget.  Shows that have few requirements regarding sets, props, and costumes and can be produced easily in small venues are more likely to be considered for production.  Shows that require a cast of more than 10 would be difficult for us to produce at this time as well.
  • While we love musicals and wish to produce musicals in the future, they are far more costly to produce.  Musicals involving a 4 piece band or less may be feasible, but musicals orchestrated for a larger ensemble are not realistic for us at this time.
  • The performers at our disposal range widely in age.  Don’t be afraid to present plays that involve younger or older characters.
  • Our audience is predominately over the age of 65.  While we’re always looking to diversify our audience, we need to consider the tastes of our long-term patrons.  We’ve found that our patrons don’t mind plays that involve sex, violence, or adult language, but moderation is key.  While we love David Mamet, many of our patrons would probably object to that amount of adult language.
  • A key aspect of Agape Theatre’s identity is our Professional Apprentice Program, which gives local high school students an opportunity to work alongside seasoned professionals, either on stage or backstage.  Shows that have featured or leading roles that can be played by high school students may generate more interest.