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Apr 8, 2017 |

Now that the show is blocked, we are now at the part of rehearsals where deeper level character analysis comes into play.  Below, our Stage Manager, Rebecca Rosenberg, shares her thoughts on the characters in Bonhoeffer’s Cost and how our perceptions of the characters–and the characters’ perceptions of each other–require plenty of exploration and analysis on our part.

Keoni Ramo (L) as Klaus Klopstock and Cory Grabenstein (R) as Dietrich Bonhoeffer in BONHOEFFER’S COST. Photo by Rebecca Rosenberg.

Bonhoeffer, a German Lutheran pastor, was imprisoned for 2 years and ultimately executed for plotting several attempts to assassinate Hitler and for helping many Jews escape during WWII. The play takes place in the last 2 years of his life with a few flashbacks.

Perceptions can be so diverse and unique. One may read the words of another and feel emotions and intentions filtered through their own current emotional state of being which gives an entirely unintended meaning to the original work. Some approach only with emotionless logic taking the words at literal face value, empaths may feel only what is not being said, some filter out all positive, some filter out all negative, some cannot register humor, irony, or sarcasm, and some automatically take an opposing stance no matter the words. And on rare occasion, one might be truly perceived, heard, and even understood.

Other people’s perceptions are so interesting to uncover, dissect, and re-interpret, especially when dealing with characters based on actual historical people and their actual personal correspondences. They knew nothing was truly private. There is much speaking in code for everyone’s safety. There are duties and expectations. But what were the emotional truths and connections behind the intentions? One slip or implication in the wrong direction could result in a friend or family member being tortured or killed for more information, whether the threat was real or imagined.

The challenge is finding the real human experience amidst all the fluff, keeping up with appearances, and secrecy. Evidence suggests several different relationship possibilities and interpretations between all the various characters. If only we could ask them what their true intentions and feelings were about each other and everything else going on.

For purposes of an audience coming in with their various established opinions, regardless of and/or despite any historical accuracy as documented, all possibilities are at least somewhat true for an audience. The process of uncovering and discovering these various truths fascinates me. I am grateful to be able to watch this character development unfold.


Rebecca Rosenberg
Stage Manager, Bonhoeffer’s Cost

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