Bonhoeffer and Christianity

Apr 17, 2017 |

Cory Grabenstein as Dietrich Bonhoeffer in BONHOEFFER’S COST. Photo by Rebecca Rosenberg.

During Easter weekend, it was impossible not to think and reflect on the way in which Bonhoeffer’s Cost speaks about faith, God, and Christianity.  While a play about one of the most prominent figures in the Lutheran community could easily be heavy-handed with its religious themes and allegories, Bonhoeffer’s Cost pays just as much attention to Bonhoeffer’s religious beliefs as it does to who he was as a person.  That is, to me, a challenging balancing act to pull off and is the reason I selected this show in the first place.

Of course, it would be impossible for a piece about Bonhoeffer to not discuss his faith, and Bonhoeffer’s Cost in no way ignores his Christianity.  There are many scenes of him preaching, praying, reading the Bible, and speaking to God.  There’s at least one mention of religion on almost every page of the script, and it’s his faith that pushes Bonhoeffer to oppose the Nazi regime.  Time and again, he mentions how God has called him to stop Hitler, even if he must break the commandment “Thou Shall Not Kill” to do it.

You would think these countless moments in which religion is mentioned or discussed would paint Bonhoeffer as a saint or a martyr verging on sanctimonious, but remarkably he remains grounded and relatable.  When we first meet him, he comes off arrogant and snooty as he seems more concerned with the cleanliness of his cell than he is about being in prison at all.  Later, we see how shy and flustered he is around his fiancée.  There are also several moments when we see how his passion for his work and his writing prevented him from interacting and connecting with the people closest to him.

In this play, Bonhoeffer is no martyr or saint.  He’s just a man who happens to be guided by his belief and faith in God.  But he’s human and flawed, just like the rest of us.

And aren’t flawed characters more interesting than those who stand on the pedestal of perfection?


Jeff Davis
Director, Bonhoeffer’s Cost

BONHOEFFER’S COST Plays The Sanctuary At Palm Valley Lutheran Church, Located At 2500 East Palm Valley Blvd, Round Rock, TX.  The Play Runs Thursday, May 11-Sunday, May 21, 2017.  Performances Are Thursdays – Saturdays At 7:30pm With Matinee Performances On Saturdays And Sundays At 2:30pm.  A Free Post-Show Reception Will Follow The Opening Night Performance On Thursday, May 11th.  A Post-Show Discussion With The Cast And Creative Team Will Follow The Performance On Friday, May 12th And The Evening Performance On Saturday, May 20th.

Tickets Are $12-20 With Discounts Available To Seniors, Students, Teachers/Educators And Current/Ex Military.  To Reserve Tickets, Please Visit Www.Ticketor.Com/Agapetheatre Or Call Us At 512-88-STAGE.

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BONHOEFFER’S COST Is Recommended For Audience Members Age 13 And Up.

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