An Ideal Husband

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Oscar Wilde’s

An Ideal Husband

Directed by Olin Meadows

The honorable Sir Robert Chiltern has it all. He has a devoted wife, a sterling reputation, and a position of stature in English politics. And, like many a politician, he has a past, one that the scheming Mrs. Cheveley wishes to expose. It’s up to Sir Chiltern and his friend, the philandering Lord Goring, to preserve Chiltern’s marriage and social position in Oscar Wilde’s beloved comedy of manners.

Agape Theatre’s production of AN IDEAL HUSBAND will take a unique spin on Wilde’s classic comedy. While the language will remain unchanged and the costumes will be true to the Victorian age, the show will have some modern touches, namely a soundtrack featuring pop hits like Madonna’s “Vogue” and Queen’s “We Are the Champions.”

When asked about the modern flourishes, director Olin Meadows said “I wanted to create a show that was visually beautiful, and yet did not feel like a stuffy old period play. I want people to leave thinking that the show felt fresh, new and not played out.” Additionally Mr. Meadows went on to say “The Oscar Wilde plays are often considered comedy of manners, and while there will be some of that in the show, we are focusing on the moral of the story. Which to us is, staying true to yourself, having integrity even in the light of your past skeletons in the closet.”

The Show will feature Agape Theatre member Nicholas Mani (The Trip To Bountiful) as Sir Robert Chiltern, Cierra Chancellor as Lady Gertrude Chiltern, and Christina Little-Manley as Mrs. Cheveley, both who are new to Agape Theatre. The show will also feature Eastview High School Students Chloe Esquivel as Mable Chiltern and Zach Bonds as Lord Goring, as part of Agape Theatre’s Ongoing Educational Partnership with the Eastview High School Patriot Players Drama Department.

The Show also boasts Choreography by Georgia Medler (Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks, Sun City Follies), Scenic Design by Olin Meadows and Darrin Lutz, Lighting by Daniel Kelton and Lori Mann, and Costumes by Janice Landree.

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Robert Chiltern – Nicholas Mani

Mrs. Gertrude Chiltern – Cierra Chancellar

Lord Goring – Zach Bonds**

Mrs. Chevely – Christina Little Manley

The Earl of Caversham – Greg Stone

Lady Markby – Mary Kennelly

Vicomte De Nanjac – Daniel Kelton**

Ms. Mable Chilter – Chloe Esquivel**

Mr. Montford – Alex Poole**

The Countess of Bassildon – McKensie Rae Morrison

Mrs. Marchmont/ US Mrs. Chiltern – Claire Van Riper

Mason, Butler to the Chilterns – Hoyt Guthner

Phipps, Lord Goring’s Servant – Dave Lovelace

JAMES – A Footman – Daniel Kelton**

HAROLD – A Footman – Matthew Tellez

Anna – A House Maid – Ruth Whorton**

Emily – A House Maid – Georgia Medler

Stage Manager – Amanda Jones**


** Member of the Agape Theatre Professional Apprentice Program housed at Eastview High School